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Il mediterraneo tra sfide ed opportunità

L'Istituto Italiano di Navigazione è lieto di invitarVi alla conferenza dal titolo:


Il mediterraneo tra sfide ed opportunità


3 Aprile 2014
Ore 10:00
Sala Antonio d’Amico
Palazzo Colonna
P.zza SS. Apostoli, 66


In allegato l'invito ufficiale icona pdf

Welcome to the Italian Institute of Navigation website






The Institute was born on 1959, proposing itself to divulgate knowledge of Navigation, intended as the ability to move from a place to another, following a planned course and/or knowingly modifying it.




It received recognition of legal personality by the Presidential Decree 1703 of October 12th 1964.



It is registered in the National Research Registry Office and is founding member of the International Association of Institutes of Navigation (IAIN) and of the European Group of Institutes of Navigation (EUGIN).

The Institute is located in Rome, in Via della Scrofa 64.



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